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(SOLD) Fischer Heavenly Mermaid! 1940s 'Side-Slit' Rayon Satin Bias Nightgown Sz- 34 (#1700)

34 (SOLD, JH in OH)

(SOLD) Heavenly-Mermaid! 1951 NW-Tagged Silk Satin Bias-Cut Nightgown~ Sz 35+ (#1504)

35+ SOLD, KD in UK)

Graceful Mermaid! Unworn 1940s Rayon Satin Nightgown Sz- 38 (#1494)


Pink Mermaid Goddess! 1930s Fischer 'Bouffant' Silk Nightgown Sz- 34 (#1441)


Maggie The Cat! 1940s Fischer Silk Crepe-De-Chine Slip Sz, 32-34 (Item #1251)


Fabulous Fischer! 1930s Silk Georgette Nightgown With Shelf-Bust Effect Sz 34-36 (#993)

34 to 36 (Silk)

(SOLD) Stunning Chevron Fischer Silk Satin Nightgown Sz- 34 (#895)

SOLD (CA in IA))