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Sleek Thirties! Unworn Silk Charmeuse-Satin Bias-Cut Slip Sz- 34 (#1716)

34 (Silk)

Charming Forties! Unworn Bias-Cut Rayon Crepe-De-Chine Slip Sz- 38 (#1715)


Shimmery Pink! 1940s Soft Rayon Crepe-De-Chine Bias-Cut Slip~ Sz- 35 (#1706)


(SOLD) Swishy-Flouncy 1940s! NW Bias-Cut Rayon Taffeta Slip~ Sz- 36 (#1703)

36 (SOLD, GR in AU)

(SOLD) Basic Bareback Barb! 1930s Bias-Cut 'Dance Dame' Long Rayon Slip~ Sz- 35 (#1695)

35 (SOLD, SD in MD)

(SOLD) Backless Bombshell! 1930s 'Nite Life' Silk Crepe Bias Evening Slip~ Sz 32-34 (Item #1694)

32-34 (SOLD, BS in NL)

(SOLD) Backless Siren! 1930s 'Hourglass' Silk Charmeuse Bias-Cut Slip~ Sz- 34 (#1689)

34 (SOLD, ES in WA))

(SOLD) Boudoir Bombshell! 1930s Backless Barbizon Silk Slip-Gown~ Sz- 40+ (#1685)

40+ (SOLD, PW in FL))

(SOLD) Lovely Lady Lynne! 1940s NOS 'Lady Lynne' Bias-Cut Rayon Slip~ Sz- 36 (#1646)

36+ (SOLD, MG in TX)

Zig-Zag Twenties! New-Old-Stock French Silk Crepe-De-Chine Slip-Gown~ Sz 38 (#1629)

38 (Silk)

Chic Mademoiselle! Early 30s ‘Franklin Simon’ Silk Charmeuse Bias Slip~ Sz 35 (#1622)

35 (Silk)

(SOLD) Bare-Back Barbizon! 1930s Bias-Cut 'Dance Maid' Long Silk Slip~ Sz 36-38 (#1618)

36 to 38 (SOLD, GR in AU)

(SOLD) Heavenly Satin! 1940s 'NWT' Fischer Bias-Cut Rayon Satin Slip~ Sz 34 (#1616)

34 (SOLD, NM in FR)

(SOLD) Slippery Mermaid! 1940s Fischer Rayon Satin Bias-Cut Slip~ Sz-32+ (#1611)

32+ (SOLD, SG in NY)

Oriental Pinup! 1970s NW Silk Crepe-De-Chine Bias-Cut Slip~ Sz 36+ (#1609)


Art Deco Fray-Pruf! 1940s NWT Rayon Crepe-De-Chine Bias Slip~ Sz 38 (#1593)


Showgirl Satin! 1930s Bias-Cut Crepe-Back Satin Slip-Gown~ Sz- 32+ (#1591)

32+ (Crepe-back-satin)

'Hand Made' Luxury! 1930s Lower Calf-Length Bias Silk Charmeuse Slip~ Sz 36+ (#1589)


Fancy Forties! NOS 'Molla Kaye’ Silk Crepe-De-Chine Bias-Cut Slip~ Sz 38 (#1584)

38 (Silk)

(SOLD) Midnight Mermaid! Ca. 1949 Fischer 'Medallion' Silk Charmeuse Bias Slip~ Sz 38 (#1558)

38 (SOLD, KB in DK)

(SOLD) Fab Satin Dasché! Early 1930s Never-Worn Bias-Cut Silk Slip~ Sz 38 (#1535)

38 (SOLD, KH in WI))

Femme Femicraft! 1940s Rayon Crepe-De-Chine Bias-Cut Slip~ Sz- 36 (#1533)


(MISSING) Seamprufe Siren! 1940s Blue Rayon Crepe-De-Chine Bias Slip~ Sz 38 (#1516)

38 (Missing)

(SOLD) Midnight Mermaid! Late-1940s 'NWT' Fischer Pure Silk Bias Slip~ Sz 38 (#1509)

38 (SOLD, ** in NYC))

Bombshell Barb! 1930s X-Large Size 44+ Silk Charmeuse-Satin Bias-Cut Slip (#1475)


(SOLD) Provocative Goddess! Slim 1930s Pure Silk Bias-Cut Slip~ Sz- 33+ (#1422)

33+ (SOLD, SS in UK)

Showoff  Skylon! NW 1940s Rayon Crepe-De-Chine Bias-Cut Slip Sz- 36 (#1419)


(SOLD) Petal Blush 40s! NWT *Strainless* Rayon 4-Gore Bias-Cut Slip Sz- 40 (#1411)

40 (SOLD, JMG in UK)

Flippy Forties! Never-Worn Rayon Crepe-De-Chine Bias Slip Sz- 36 (#1410)


Showoff Forties! Unworn *Corsage* Bias-Cut Rayon Slip Sz- 36 (#1407)


(SOLD) Champagne Mermaid! 1940s Unworn Fischer Bias Silk Charmeuse Slip ~ Sz- 34 (#1362)

34 (SOLD, NM in FR)

(SOLD) Classy Wrapper! Mint 1930s ‘Pussy Willow’ Silk Wrapped Half-Slip Sz 31-1/2 (#1329)

31-1/2 (SOLD, JK in CO)

Alluring Vendome! Unworn 1940s Dressy Bias-Cut Rayon Slip Sz- 34 to 36 (#1293)


(SOLD) Wonderful Wonder Maid! Unworn 1940s Dressy Rayon Bias-Cut Slip Sz- 38 (#1276)

38 (SOLD, LR in UK)

(SOLD) Musical Fantasy! 1940s Unworn Rayon Crepe-De-Chine Bias Slip Sz- 36 (#1275)

36 (SOLD, MG in TX)

Provocative Thirties! Early 1930s Silk Charmeuse Bias-Cut Slip Sz- 35 (Item #1204)


(SOLD) Sensuous 'Nite Life'! 1930s Backless Silk Crepe-De-Chine Evening Slip Sz 32-34 (Item #1181)

32-34 (SOLD, SW in OH)

(SOLD) '2DIE4'! Unworn 1930s Silk Charmeuse & DEEP French Lace Slip Sz- 36 (#1177)

36 (SOLD, KR in Japan)

(SOLD) ‘Mode O Day’! Vintage 40s ‘Gently-Worn’ 4-Gore Rayon Dress Slip Sz- Lg 42 (#1150)

42 (SOLD, EN in FL)

(SOLD) Pink Petticoat Craze! Unworn Rayon Crepe-De-Chine Petticoat Half-Slip (Wst: 24 - 36)

24 - 36 (SOLD, GQ in AZ

(SOLD) Fancy Forties! New-With-Tag Bias-Cut Slip, Rayon Crepe-De-Chine Fabric Sz- 32 (#1105)

32 (SOLD, IA in UK)

Parisian Maid! Ca. 30s Unworn Silk Charmeuse-Satin Bias Slip Sz- 38 (#1056)

Not yet available

(SOLD) The Girl In The Seamprufe Slip! 1947 NWT Rayon Crepe-De-Chine  White Slip~ Sz- 34 (#1025)

34 (SOLD, CM in QLD)

Princess Pinup! NWT Rayon Full Slip by Lana Joyce Sz- 36 (#959)

36 (Not yet available)