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About Us

In the Silver Screen Loungerie collection, you will find virtual closets full of show-stealing gowns, robes, slips, teddies and taps reminiscent of the sleek and chic boudoir attire worn by the original Silver Screen Sirens – Jean Harlow, Rita Hayworth, Hedy Lamarr, Mae West, and countless others - as they reclined on chaise lounges in those fabulous old B&W, matinee flicks. As the renaissance of ‘Old Hollywood’ glamour blooms, contemporary screen sirens – the eternally elegant, Cate Blanchett, the smouldering sex-bomb, Angelina Jolie, and the quintessential blonde bombshell, Gwen Stefani (to name but a few)– have all borrowed a little 30s style, sashaying down the red carpet runway sporting a vintage or contemporary bias-cut gown. In fact, you may soon see these ladies in gowns similar to those in our store when the thirties-inspired film, ‘The Aviator’, graces our silver screens in the coming months. Cate Blanchett will take on the regal role of Katherine Hepburn while Gwen Stefani steps into the shoes of her platinum predecessor and boudoir style queen of yesteryear, Jean Harlow. Unlike these actresses, you won’t need a stylist or a king’s ransom to infuse a little vintage glamour into your wardrobe. In our collection, we have a veritable cornucopia of delectable vintage loungerie pieces - ready to wear and fit for a star – YOU – the leading lady in your life!

Our philosophy is to make every woman who wears our Loungerie feel like a star. Even if the only runway you ever sashay down is your own hallway, make it count! At SSL, we want you to feel like the star of your own life and especially, the star of your own boudoir! In some magical, indescribable way, wearing soft, sensuous silk and satin garments against your skin brings out your inner glow and makes you look and feel like the beautiful woman you are – inside and out! Our philosophy is to encourage women of all ages, shapes, and ethnicity to embrace their lusciousness – curves and all. Our philosophy is to encourage you to love yourself and your body for whom and what you are!

Loungerie is for:

« Swanning about in while drinking a glass of wine and unwinding from your day.
« Enveloping yourself in after a long, hot, relaxing, rose-petal bath.
« Slipping into when it’s time to ‘slip into something a little more comfortable’.
« Unleashing your inner femme fatale
« Lazing about in amidst tousled sheets on a weekend morning.
« Lounging around in on those days you just can’t bring yourself to put on real clothes…
« Wearing out and about – particularly when you want to steal the show…
« Living in.

Silver Screen Loungerie is the combined labour-of-love effort of two obsessive vintage lingerie enthusiasts - Sascha Joffe (moi) and Richard Reissig and our very understanding, respective partners. Silver Screen Loungerie is based in the new studio we’ve built at our home at Mt Glorious in the lush, sub-tropical rainforests of south east Queensland, Australia. My beloved, Alan Groves, has been very accommodating of my all-consuming vintage lingerie addiction and its gradual take-over of much of our domestic floor space not to mention our time. We also have our North American ‘HQ’ at Richard’s place in New Jersey where many garments are lovingly cared for and photographed before being posted to our site. 

I have collected vintage lingerie pieces at every opportunity for as long as I can remember. I think this obsession was seeded when I was a just a little girl watching old black & white move matinees on the telly at my Grandma’s house. I was captivated and seduced by the original Silver Screen Sirens swanning about their boudoirs’ in those sleek, shimmering, slipper satin gowns. I always loved to dress up as a little girl (didn’t we all!?) and I guess in this way, I’ve never really grown up. Repulsed by 80s fashion when I was around 17, I began to seek out these gowns in antique and second hand stores to wear as nighties and dresses. Fifteen years later, as they say, the rest is history… Now, I spend most of my days swanning about our Mt Glorious home wearing vintage lingerie. Simultaneous comfort and glamour is my mantra so whether I’m preparing lingerie for this site, trying to be a Domestic Goddess (ha!) or even managing Art Dinouveau Pty Ltd (our life-size dinosaur company), I’m usually wearing a slip, gown or robe.

Through my obsession with high glamour ‘old Hollywood’ lingerie and the quest for the ultimate gown, I met Richard, who has since taught me much of what I know about vintage lingerie fabrics, laces, styles, makers, care, etc… Richard Reissig resides in ‘Lingerie Heaven’ just outside of New York City in Teaneck, New Jersey. A man of many talents, Richard is a retired French horn player and part-time dressmaker for some of his New York Metropolitan Opera colleagues. He has been collecting and dealing in high-end, high-glamour vintage lingerie for many years and subsequently, has one of the most enviable collections of vintage lingerie anywhere in the world. Hopefully, over the next few years, we can convince Richard to part with some of these gems and make them available to our discerning Silver Screen Loungerie clientele. Richard also prepares the lingerie and takes most of the photos for this site at his home. Richard’s wife of almost 50 years (applause), Connie, deserves special recognition for her tolerance and support for Silver Screen Loungerie as Richard and I took over their house with lingerie and spent countless hours at the computer talking about it all in an effort to bring Silver Screen Loungerie to a computer screen near you…